Avail smooth Transportation while Exploring Roosevelt Attractions

17 Oct

Many people are taking up taxis on a daily basis to work, to parties, gatherings, concerts, shopping, sightseeing, etc, rather than driving in their own car. If you ask for the reason then there are many to give like taxis are one of the most commonly used means of transportation in cities all over the world or simply availing these taxi services you will get a worry free and smooth ride to your desired destinations (this can be rightly understood by the people staying in the most busiest cities).

New York City’s Roosevelt Island offers some spectacular attractions which you will love to explore. Read on the below to get an idea about them before you went out to explore these attractions:

The South point Park:
On 2nd August 2011, this park was opened to the public. This park offers you wide walkways along with wild flower covered mounds. You can also found some remnants of old building lying on some mounds. The weed covered smallpox hospital will give you a feel of medieval castle which is left abandoned for far longer period. You will get nice and interesting views by visiting this place.

The South point Park
The Octagon:
If this has once impressed a young Charles Dickens then for sure you will be left be-spoken by visiting this 19th-century remnant. This was once run as a hospital but then fall neglected, in some recent years it was refashioned as high-end housing. You can experience the flying staircase up its winding entry with an adjoining gallery displaying the old Roosevelt Island maps.

Munching in at Eateries:
Feeling hungry after traveling and sightseeing, you can hop on to River walk Bar & Grill restaurant, which is most popular destination for drinking and dining in Roosevelt.

After getting an idea to explore the beautiful attractions, you need to finalize the transportation mode. Dawson Taxi will provide you the reliable and prompt taxi service at an affordable price. Visit our website or call us @  1-516-223-2400 / 1-516-223-0036 to book your reservation.


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