How to Prevent Taxi Scams in New York?

14 Mar

Taking taxi in New York is somehow reasonable, easy and comfortable way of transportation. But with thousand of taxi services, only an idiot would believe that he/ she won’t caught into any scams. However, luckly most of the taxi services are indeed involve into fair practice, but you never say, the mishap won’t happen and you won’t get hustled or rubbed while taking the taxi ride in Freeport or in Rockville Centre.

If you are one of those new to New York City, this is very significant that you know about such instances where you can save yourself from such scams.

Below given are the few tips to prevent Taxi scams in New York City, simply follow through them carefully –

Taxi Scams

Scams and their solutions:

Longer taxi ride scam –

This is most common trick that usually pulled by the taxi drivers. Tourists who seem to be new to the New York City often fall into this kind of trap; usually end up with paying high travel cost on transportation.

While you are really unfamiliar with the city, to avoid such scams happen to you, it is always a wiser choice if you use maps or the GPS application to find the shortest route to your destination.

Excess taxi fare –

For an argument sake, this also could happen to you, if you are literally new to the place. Therefore, in the case you can talk to the other fellow travelers on the street or someone you know before renting a cab service in Freeport or in Rockville Centre to avoid excess taxi fare.

Dawson Taxi

‘I have no change’ trick –

Again, this is another trick that many taxi drivers play. They usually pretend to have no change in the exchange of your money. This way they usually earn extra which they supposed to return to you.

To avoid such scam, it always better, you better have coins in your wallet to give the exact taxi fare.

A fixed priced instead of using meter –

In New York few driver asks you to agree on the price for the ride to your destination instead of using the taxi meter. Before he will argue on the fare matter, it is always better you ignore taking those cabs for your travel, but rather consider taxi service that use meter against your distance travel.

Night vs Day time –

Some taxi drivers charge high during the night than the day time. To avoid such scam, you better consider another taxi, which charges the same fare of the daytime in the night.


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